Ice Cream is Love

ElshaHawk LoA

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I don't ever want to stop talking to you.

I have trust issues because I love you.

Love requires trust.

Trust that I can't have.

Therefore Love is false.

False love hurts. It wounds, it stabs in the back.

Therefore I have to cushion myself. I have to distance myself.

I fought for a certain reassurance and reciprocation.

I held an empty ice cream cone looking for ice cream, but there was none. There was milk, there was sugar, but there was no ice cream. The ice cream was all given away. I can spend a lot of time and energy seeking out ice and a way to churn the cream, but in the meantime, life goes on. What I think is most likely: the one who gave the ice cream away will leave the ice cream business, move on to something better, and die without ever filling my cone.

But that's selfish. I'm supposed to be okay with my milk and sugar. But it's not ice cream.

Perhaps the cone will make a nice hat when I get locked up in the looney bin for questing the globe like Don Quixote in search of magic ice...


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