A Splash of Wine


This too shall pass.

Mitaran nudged the trajectory of the chestnuts with a whispered charm and caught it with one outstretched hand. Always so casual, Katy thought, taking a sip of water to hide her expression.

"Hey, uh, Mitt."


"What are you going to do next year? After graduation, I mean."

"I haven't the slightest idea. I might try and find a job out on the coast. Alternatively, Professor del Rey asked if I'd like to do a doctorate with what we've done on this project. Why do you ask?"

Because I care far too much whether or not I'm ever going to see you again!

But she couldn't say that. She shouldn't even have thought it so loudly.

"Fourth year will be quiet without you, that's all," she said with her head bowed demurely.

"That's kind of you to say, but I'm sure there'll be other group projects to do - have you heard about the evokers and their plan?"

He continued on with his story, intended to be an innocent misinterpretation of my statement but betrayed by the way he could not quite meet my eyes.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Interesting title for this segment.

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@RQ: Yes, it's a use of "wine" in its sense as a colour - but that's not immediately apparent.

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