Among the Stars: If You Open It--

Robert Quick

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Before entering through the hole he'd made, Darnell unhooked his tether and attached it to a metal eye-hook below the outer handhold. Then he stashed his torch and climbed inside, careful not to tear his suit. After entering the airlock Darnell found the E.P. on the wall and deployed it. The E.P. was an inflatable hard plastic ring that sealed off the hole he'd made. It was a temporary measure meant to patch a leak until more extensive repairs could be made. Safety protocol required one in every airlock.

“Bach? I'm inside. Entry point's been Plugged.”

“Fifteen minutes? Not bad, buddy, not bad. How's your O?”

According to his HUD nine of the ten glowing green bars were full. “Still in the green. I could stay out here all day.”

"Yeah okay, you're the King of Space. Now what's she like on the inside."

"Dark. None of the emergency lights are on."

"We'll salvage her yet and she's a biggun too! Eeeeeeee." Bach chortled.

Darnell could actually hear him rubbing his hands together. "It's looking pretty good."


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Among the Stars: Following Protocol

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