You've been my faithful companion for so long I can't imagine.....

Not feeling

your sticky sweetness in my mouth

your crooked teeth grazing my ear

your constant whispers

and sweaty skin

always accompanied by a shiver racing down my spine


To cup my heavy hips and thunder thighs

and stroke my swollen stomach

as you ruffle hair I forget to tame


my sagging breasts and pockmarked face

would be lonely without the ache

of the weeping wounds to my self-image, confidence, and dreams

while your caustic tongue dissolves the rotting remains of my hopes


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Hurm. I'm always a fan of your poetry that makes me feel things and wonder. Which this does. It feels personal and so honest but also like a puzzle. The kind of doubt in the first two stanzas is so intimate that it borders on carnal. I've never had doubt go that way before but it's interesting. The doubt in the last stanza is all too familiar though. Well done.

Minor spelling error in second to last line. Should be 'weeping' I think.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I feel like the unloved one at the end; ugly, unlovable, without confidence inside. Who could continue to love that (me)?

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