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Westchester Furioso

Hi, I'm Azel! Sort of homesick.

Hey so a few ideas.

I'm going to try and take some webcam pictures out the window, it's just desert but maybe it will help. I have started a "soup" blog and may be able to post pictures there

Yeah I have played ARGs before and that's how I knew about binary translators Robt

I'm going to have to start to make up a story or stories just because I don't want to be too obvious here though honestly they're probably monitoring my keystrokes or something but darn whaddaya gonna do?

So if you hear a story on this account it will be a sort of smokescreen

maybe I'll have to put clues in or something

my soup blog is runciblehearts but so far it's blank we'll have to see what I can find to post, I don't have tons of privacy.

So How are you folks? Good, I hope!

I miss my home and the lake. The weather here is all different so I must be far from home now.

Say I could go for some soup right now! Rich tomato soup.

Soup comes in cans. Just like me. ROTFLOL hahahahh


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

It seems the protagonist is feeling lonely and searching for interaction, let alone a rescue. I doubt there is a phone charger in that cellar, though. The battery is going to run out. Plus, why would any captors who may be monitoring a person let them keep a cell phone? That's ridiculous. Either they know about it and are doing a social experiment, or they don't know about it.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

@Elsha - That's often a difficult part of ARG's, keeping things like that straight. It's similar to the problem for found footage movies where at some point you have to say, "Seriously, why didn't they put the camera down now? It's way past time." Either way it's up to the writer to successfully address these kinds of problems.

@Westchester - I'm personally doing okay at the moment. Try to build up your strength and endurance if you can by doing basic exercises push ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks. Go slow at first. Also, I'm not sure if it matters or not, but are you male, female, or other? I thought male at first from Westchester Furioso but Azel turns out to be a female Hebrew name meaning 'noble'. Westchester might refer to Prof. X's school for the gifted. Furioso is angry and reminiscent of Mad Max. Strangely in boxing, kickboxing or mixed martial arts, "tomato can" is an idiom for a fighter with poor or diminished skills who may be considered an easy opponent to defeat, or a "guaranteed win."

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The wifi here is not good I wrote a sequel but it failed to send and the text was erased so here I a…

Follow up
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