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Westchester Furioso

Hi, I'm Azel! Sort of homesick.

The wifi here is not good I wrote a sequel but it failed to send and the text was erased so here I am again, I'll sum up.

When I was interrupted last time it was a new person, a bearded man the others seemed to be obeying, stern but at first pretty calm

He had them bring me a real meal, that was really good, no moldy crusts. it hurt a bit to eat a full meal, after days hungry

as I was fhnishing up the new man pulled up a chair next to me and started to ask me a lot of questions. I'm nobody special and I think they have picked me up on accident, I can't get a real clear idea what they want or what I'm supposed to know, it didn't really make sense because it seemed they weren't sure if I was the right person or not and they were avoiding some specific terms.

They were persistent but I really had no answers and they took the food away, even the dessert I wasn't finished with yet

more in the sequel

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

There is more than innocence in this piece, but a youthfulness and confusion that makes the reader believe the protagonist is very young.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

"Stern, but calm at first." Indicates that some time, somewhere, he will not be calm. It didn't seem to be followed up on here unless the food being taken away was an act of not-calmness. It wasn't reported as such so it's hard to tell. At this time, I'd say no.

Specifics on the questions would help too. Unless we hear the questions and the answers, it's hard to tell what's going on. For an ARG some mystery is good. For a story, vagueness tends to work against it.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

I can surf around but social media sites are blocked

I guess it's not too bad, it's just they won't…

try8ijnh to stayp awak
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