Westchester Furioso

Hi, I'm Azel! Sort of homesick.

This i slovely

I was so hungry

I want more, but that was really nice to eat

Fresh bread would be even better though.

Thanks Ramon!


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Ramon came to feed you. Perhaps hunger is the new normal.

  • #3383 Posted 1 year ago
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Westchester Furioso

Westchester Furioso

i'm afraid


  • #3384 Posted 1 year ago
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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

And as for your tag, I'm not sure if you mean your captors or us. While we may not be as plentiful as we once were do not doubt that those of us left cherish what we are given in the same way that you might value the little food you were given by Ramon.

  • #3387 Posted 1 year ago
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