Pure Passive Aggressive (narrative nonfiction)

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Parents are experts at passive aggressive behavior. Take my job, for example. I deal with students.

One such parent is actually a grandparent. The grandmother does not approve of who the mother is dating, so she refuses to babysit the student, nor the student's siblings, and also will not speak to the mother.

But I am a master as well. I cannot use these skills at work because that is unprofessional, not on parents, students, nor colleagues. Oh, there are plenty who do, sending out mass emails that they have taken over your project, then telling others that if you want to know what's going on on your project you can contact THEM.

I do not even use these skills on my own children, because I know that's not how to make them turn out as good adults.

My passive aggressive self comes out in my writing. Look out people, because you will suffer in my stories if you hurt my feelings!

It also comes out in my friendships. If you've hurt me, I must love you. It's a mark of honor, that first time of me not speaking.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

In an author's circle there are only characters waiting to be punished, waiting to be loved.

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