Lunar Waves


Inspiration hits with a flash, stories written on the go. A rumble of laughter and the tale is heard only in echoes. The wind blows me in a new direction. Whom shall I visit next?

The yellow moon suspended here

Above my head

Creates a glare & quite a blare

To shred my ear

-Irregular, unwelcome year,

Why must you barge

Into my straining life to spread

Alarm & fear?

-I cow'r and shiver as I wait;

The scimitar

Of sharp'ning moon grins at my throat

With glee & hate

-I prostrate lie upon the slate

Resigned at last

It's just as well; please make it fast,

I pray to fate

-My eyes are closed. My path's in mist.

It's just this spot

The waning moon; the girl; the stone:

But these exist.


I ope my eyes. The sharpened moon

Has had a change!

The fog, now open to my path

Is gone so soon!

-These cycles come & go like waves,

A pendulum

Steals near, and then retreats again:

The swing that saves

-& so I swing from fear to hope

Most ev'ry day.

I long, I die, to balance well

And learn to cope,

-But oh! New Year! It's fearsome hard

To find the center

Without collapsing. Luna Love,

Send me a shard:

-Compassion, bravery, fortitude,

Or sweet support

Upon your arrow, now, Clear Moon!

I pledge my gratitude!


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Happy new year to your and yours!

  • #3324 Posted 5 years ago
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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

It was a rough last year, so let's make the new one better!

  • #3339 Posted 5 years ago
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This is wonderful.

  • #3340 Posted 5 years ago
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