Control Freak

ElshaHawk LoA

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I watched as you moved into a shotgun house with one bedroom and a yard only big enough for a shed. You were too busy to find a place on your own, anyway.

But I saw the truth.

In a tiny house, no one can stay the night. No one can stay unannounced. No one, not even a toddler could find a way to squeeze into the bed between you two.

It looked like a sacrifice, that she would do anything for you, fall from riches to poor, but I saw the truth in that lie. She forced her control upon the situation by removing excess variables from the equation. The only obvious choice left is her and her ways.

That really ticked me off. It wasn't just that she had her claws in you, nor that she blocked your view of anyone else with her amazonian height and girth, it was that she took over your choices, planning your dates, planning when you can enjoy your own family and friends.

You don't even seem to notice. So enamored are you with her adventures, that you can't feel me slipping away.

I hate control freaks.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I almost always find your writing so relatable. You don't seem to shy away from negative emotions which I think is one of your strengths. That being said, I feel like 'ticked' in the third to last paragraph is a bit weak. It feels like deflective wording, like when an adult accuses another adult of being silly when they mean stupid.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Well, I am a school teacher and I try not to curse.... ;)

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  • Published 4 years ago.
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