A White Horse Named Stupid

ElshaHawk LoA

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This is stupid.

It's stupid to get upset, to feel so left out and stood up when you ask me a question, I deliver, I ask one back, and never get a response. It's how you do things.

I can't count the amount of times I've forgiven you for leaving me hanging. I'll never get those questions answered. I can't even remember them. They must have been stupid.

This time I pressed for the answer, but all I got was, "i don't know" and I only felt 100 times worse. I should just let it go.


How many times will I keep letting it go? It's stupid to hang on. Things are better when I just roll with it.

It's stupid to let you trip me up. I'll pick my questions. This one, this one question I thought was important.


You'll never know how many times I want to say forget it. You drive me nuts.

It's stupid.

When will I learn? I try and try again. Amends. Let you in.

Push you away and get angry when you disappear. Again.

And you ride back on your white horse and rescue me.

Stupid horse.


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Ditch that horse, pronto.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

@Slapdashmonuments - I don't think she can. Even when we know intellectually what is right, it can be incredibly hard (borderline impossible) to do it.

I've been on both sides of this thing and while it's not great, your telling of it, is. There is an honesty and clarity to it that I appreciate.

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