A Habit Of Lies


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"So, how do you know she was lying to you?"

Eric sighed. "Because that's all she does!" He yelled.

Thomas looked at him. "That's an exaggeration, but what about this particular time makes you so sure?"

Eric took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He's lived with her all his life, Eric thought. Not his fault he's too dumb to see it.

"Look," he began, "Elena has built her entire power base only lies, manipulations, etc. She's gotten so good at it over her lifetime, it's pretty much all she knows anymore. She tipped when she said it was an Outer God that was after her."

Thomas scowled. "I get that a thousand or so years of these games of hers make it a hard habit to break, but she's telling the truth about Qontos."

"Then what, exactly, is he supposed to be so mad about?"

"She won't let him see his son." Thomas gave Eric a smirk.

"You said you're my..."

"I am!" Thomas said defensively. "But he thinks..."

Eric started laughing. He realized what the game was, and he was Elena's trump card.

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