Family Get-Together


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She wore a smile, and not much else. "Glad to see your dress code is still... relaxed," Eric said. "You look good. 20 years has changed you. For the better."

Elena's smile widened. "Why, thank you, Eric. I didn't expect compli..."

"Especially," he interrupted, "since the last time I saw you, your face resembled chunky marinara."

Elena's smile vanished. "How dare you!" she growled as she rose from her throne. "I ought to feed you your own..."

"Mom!" Thomas stepped between them, speaking calmly. "We talked about this. All of it." He waved his hand at her.

Elena's smile returned, though not nearly as warm. "Of course, Thomas." A small gesture with her hand, an elegant dress appeared on her as she sat back down.

"So, Tommy Boy, here says..."

"Thomas," she snapped. "And, yes, we're having a... disagreement with an Outer God."

"An Outer God," Eric groaned.

"Yes." Elena's control slipped, worry showing in her eyes. "Qontos is... unhappy."

El, Eric thought. What have you gotten me into, now?

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