Father-Son Reunion


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He felt the barrel of the shotgun against the back of his head. He never even heard the old man approach.

"Boy, you have 30 seconds to explain why you're in my house," Eric growled.

Thomas cleared his throat. "I'm your son."

The pressure on the back of his head eased off. "Turn around."

Thomas did as he was told, hands raised to show he was unarmed. It was like looking into a mirror. Well, a mirror with a reflection that was older, battle-scarred, and quite possibly drunk.

"All right, then, boy..."


"All right, then, boy," Eric restated. "Who's your mother?"

"Elena, Witch-Queen of Martinique."

"Bull! I blew her head off with this very shotgun!" There was a tinge of nervousness in Eric's voice.

"Yeah, and she's still pissed about that. She's willing to let bygones be bygones, though."

Eric lowered his weapon. "And why would that be?"

"There's a... well, a god that's not happy with her, and wants to kill everyone associated with her.

"Especially you."

What else is new? Eric thought.


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Intriguing. Sounds to me like that god might have a good reason to get his wish, and Eric has a good reason or two for the god to have his wish come true. But I'm just extrapolating, I am likely wrong.

And wow, you're writing so MUCH!! That's groovy!

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Thanks. I haven't gone on a writing bike like this in ages. Feels good to get my mojo back. ☺️

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