Respawn (22/22)


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She looks at the clock. "Is that the time, already?"

I see what she means. "4:58." I turn to her. "So, I guess we need to find dinner. Do you know any Korean?"

"I know 15 languages." She seems quite proud of herself. I don't blame her. "It seems I'm not losing everything of who I was.

"Near as I can tell," she explains, "anything that's not... normal in this world fades over time. Things like real world knowledge remain."

"Utterly fascinating." I think she'll be amazing me for a long time. "So, then, about dinner..."

"In a bit." There's an interesting tone in her voice. "We have something to take care of first." She whispers in my ear, "After all, it is supposed to be our honeymoon."

She leans in for a kiss, and I say, "One thing first." She looks annoyed, but curious. "When you're done changing, can you... I mean can we... Will you be able to have kids?"

She smiles, a bright gleam in her eyes. "No idea.But it'll be fun trying."

New name. Upgrade on life. Vastly better wife.

Best. Respawn. Ever!


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Aaaaand done. Yes, it's a weird, sappy romance/fantasy story, but I had fun writing it. Hopefully, people have as much fun reading it. :-)

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