Long Distance Divorce (18/22)


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"You brought your briefcase from work along. I think your laptop is in there."

"It should be." I head into the bedroom, and pick up my laptop. I sit back down, and ask "Do you know the hotel WiFi password?"

She winks. "I can do you one better." She touches the keyboard for a moment. "There. Online, and more secure than you'll ever be."

I start to say something, but I figure she's heard "You can do that?" enough for one day. I login to my account, and the first thing I see is Mari's post.

That jackass wants to run off with some bimbo? Fine. I would sue him for everything he's got, but everything's in my name. Enjoy being broke and homeless, Darling.

I sit back. "Unbelievable." I slam the cover shut. "Un-freaking-believable! I spent the last 3 years doing everything she asked... no, told me to do! She never asked for a damned thing! How could I have been so blind?" I'm angry. At her, for being a bitch. At me, for being an idiot.

And then, she's behind me, arms around me, as I start to sob.

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