The New You (17/22)


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I start thinking. Video game names are cliche, for the most part, appropriate though it may be. And, as much as it may fit the situation, sci-fi and fantasy names are also out. It just bugs me when people name their kids after movie characters.

We sit in silence. I know she's waiting on me. I look up, gazing into her beautiful blue eyes, and something comes to me.

"When I was in high school," I begin, "there was a girl in one class. We became pretty good friends. Her name was Aoiyuri. She said it means 'aqua blue lily', which is what I think of when I look into your eyes."

She smiles, and closes her eyes. "I like it. I suppose I should get my identity in order, then."

"You can do that?" It's a stupid question. I know as soon as I say it.

Her eyes open. "Already done. I already had things in place. I just needed the finishing touches."


"And, while I was at it, I noticed something." She frowns. "You might want to check your Facebook. Mari posted something."

Oh, that sounds promising.

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