Borrowed Names (16/22)


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And back to being perplexed. "You don't have a name?"

"Nope." She says that one word as though it should be painfully obvious. "Because the players can name their companions individually, the developers only gave me a place holder. And [ExComp1] doesn't really have much ring to it."

"Then how were we able to get here? You need ID, a passport, probably other paperwork I don't know about, since I've never left the country."

"Well, I... umm..." Now, she really looks embarrassed. "I kind of... borrowed someone's ID."

"You what?!"

"Calm down." She rolls her eyes so hard, all I see is white. "She'll most likely never notice. I can't keep it, though, since I used her address and everything else I needed. And, really, do I look like a Leslie-Mae Svoboda?"

"Really? No." I smirk. "Well, since you're becoming a real girl, how about..."

She glares at me. "If you say 'Pinocchio', I'm going to slap you."

Hand on my heart, I say, "Wouldn't think of it."

I know she doesn't believe me.

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