Becoming (13/22)


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A question comes to mind. "How did you find me, by the way?" I'm not sure how much of the question is genuine interest, and how much is to distract me from her revelations about me. What she tells me next has me utterly fascinated, though.

"The security key app on your phone." It's a program I use to keep my login for the game more secure. "While you're not normally supposed to be able to do this, I used it to track down where you were."

"So, you just logged into a computer and..."

"Oh, no. I just thought about it, and followed the signal." She says it as though it's completely normal.

"You just... How does that work?"

She's organizing her thoughts again. "Well, as long as there's a signal, I can go online. It's how I did my 'research' on you. Faster than any PC, and more secure. I think it has something to do with my DNA initially being digital. As time passes, and I come closer to what I'm becoming, I'm losing that connection, though."

"And what are you becoming?" I ask.

She takes my hand. "Human."

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