Truth Hurts (10/22)


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"Before I say anything," she whispers, "how blunt can I be without you hating me?"

I don't think anything could surprise me any more than I already had been, so I say, "Say what you need to say. It's okay."

She turns to me, and, after a brief pause, tells me, "Your wife doesn't love you."

I was wrong about the surprise part. "How can you say that?"

Her expression is equal parts compassion and irritation. "How can you not know it? When was the last time she told you she did?"

I have no answer to that. I honestly can't remember.

She continues. "Do you know when the last time she mentioned you on social media was? I do. The day after you got back from your honeymoon."

She make point after point, none of which I can argue with. They are all true.

When I get stressed, I start to shut down. I say nothing, do nothing. She sees this happening. She does the only thing she can think of to draw me back.

She kisses me.

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