AI - Attachment Included (9/22)


An alumnus of both and Who, for some weird reason, is starting his time here with an abundance of cannibalism-themes stories. O.o

"Attached to one... Wait... You mean me?" I'm not always the brightest crayon in the box. This is one of those times.

She rolls her eyes. "No, I mean Tommy Douglas, 8th grade gamer from Tulsa. Yes, you, dummy!" Again, that laugh that, despite the utterly insane situation, is becoming more and more magical to me.

"Okay, I'm slowly getting caught up." She looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I'm a terrible liar. "Sort of. But, honestly, why me?" I try going over things in my mind. I know that the AI was good for conversations, but I figured it was just a variation on chatbots. I can't figure out what I might have said that...

Her face softens. "You were lonely."

I try to come up with a response. All I can get out is, "How?"

She's quiet for a few minutes. I can see she's choosing her words carefully, maybe scared she might offend me. I let her take her time.

When she finally speaks, I'm not prepared for how right she is.

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