Where And When (6/22)


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"We'll start with your first question." She's making a point of not looking at me while she talks. I'm not sure if it's nervousness, embarrassment, or something else. "We've been here for 3... No, technically, 2 days, I guess. International date line. Like I said, you slept almost 34 hours. I left you in the hotel room for a bit to get you some new clothes, but, otherwise, I've just been waiting for you to wake up."

She finally looks at me. She said she had guessed most of my questions, but I guess she's letting me figure out the order. "Well," I start, "I guess the next logical question is where is 'here'? I figured out it's Korea, but where in Korea?"

"Seoul." She smiles. "You said you had always wanted to visit, so we just kind of... left. Your breakfast is getting cold."

I dig into the pancakes. "This is... Amazing!" And it is. "Wait... When did I say..."

"Over dinner. You don't remember?" She seems worried.

"No." I think about it. "The last thing I remember is you ordering."

What happened to me?

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