Breakfast At... Where Are We? (5/22)


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I step into the living area, and the first thing I hear is, "Oh, good! They fit you. I had to guess your size."

That's the first time I realize I'm wearing new clothes. "Um... Thank you?"

She smiles, but it's a sad smile. "I guess the attitude is understandable. After all, you've been asleep for almost 34 hours."

Now I'm awake. "34... How long have..."

"...we been here?" She finishes. "Yes, I've had time to think about some of your questions. Sit down, and I'll explain what I can while you eat."

Upon mentioning that, I realize how hungry I am, and how good breakfast smells. I sit at the table to a meal of sausages, hash browns, two poached eggs, and pancakes.

She places a mug in front of me. She winks. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot." I look sideways at her. "Yes, I know. Picard is your favourite captain. I'm a Kirk girl, myself."

I laugh. A good, long, honest laugh. She's smiling, again, but the sadness is gone. It takes a minute before I realize I'm staring. Again.

She sits down, and starts talking.

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