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The place you used to occupy remains. Whether the light shines upon it or the darkness obscures it, the place sits empty.

I spend endless hours staring at it as if I could rewind time. I can still see your figure there, the outline, the form, but my memories are fading, the fullness of you or the curve of your smile. If I stare and concentrate long enough, a memory will flash and for a lightning bolt, I will become enveloped in all the sensations of you. Then it slips away as I strive to hold onto your warmth, your mercy, your glow.

Those moments grow fewer and far between. All I feel is a void of feelings. At the edges are tears of things I don't want to feel threatening to invade and fill the emptiness with salty waves to drown me. I keep them at bay by focusing on the emptiness.

I don't ask why, don't ask what if, just try not to forget.

Maybe I should forget - to feel something happy again.

The tears threaten at this thought. No. I will remember you.

Losing you is to lose myself. I'm empty.


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