Your Eyes


Was BluSparrow on Ficlets

Do you recognize me?

Yes, I changed my hair.

Yes, these clothes are different.

My confidence is showing,

I wear no mask these days.

I am a bottle of chaos.

All shook up from life.

The day to day,

Just adding more to the mixture.

Never feeling good enough,

I am the worst in my own eyes.


But when I look in your eyes,

The chaos silences.

I am out at sea,

Lost by the feeling of peace,

Found by your love.


You see the good in me.

Your eyes tell me I am better.

I am stronger.

I make a difference.

I am good.

I am loved.

I am yours.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Sweet. To be able to see that love in someone's eyes is a treasure.

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  • Published 6 months ago.
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