Over (poem- freeverse)

ElshaHawk LoA

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There was a time I dreamed of you

Just a smile and a hug

You sat near me, close

Never will that dream be real


I let it go when I said

That I approved

Permission granted for you to move on


Away you flew, so fast

So far, the distance grew

With every heartbeat

Your happiness was my burden


I was supposed to echo,

Happiness with you and for you

It wasn't my permission you wanted

Nor needed.


It was my empathy;

To live vicariously through you.

You continue to drag me through

Loss, pain, depression


With friendship

Which I don't deserve.

I punish myself by living in the darkness.

At arms' length


You don't even know

But the dreams I had are over.

I only wish that the pain was, too.


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