Promise Rings - 7 The Prophecy (Sasha)

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"Charlie, I'm sorry, but Everett needs me." I threw t-shirts and shorts randomly into my duffle bag.

"I thought you loved me!" Charlie looked like he was ready to throw things AT me.

"I do love you!" I emphatically shouted as I turned to get my things out of the bathroom.

"Then why are you running away to him?!"

"Charlie, he's my TWIN BROTHER!"

"But we have a LIFE here and you just want to give that up!"

"My live has never been normal. My parents DIED, I was accused of blowing up my high school, and I had to move in with my 18 year old boyfriend and work two jobs and take GED classes, but all that is a front!"

"A FRONT! OUR life is a fake to you!?"

"It's not my reality!"

Charlie sat on the bed, stunned. "Not reality??" he whispered.

"My reality includes this stupid prophecy and these rings."


"Everett has one. We are linked."


"Keep them separate and keep the demons at bay, but to kill the beast, together they must stay."


"Jessamine. She found Everett."


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