Promise Rings - 6 Cave Witch and Demons (Sasha)

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My boyfriend drove me home in silence. My mind was racing. Ever since the cave witch and the prophecy, my life and that of my twin brother had become less than normal. We tried for three years to live normal lives. Even when the demons showed up at our school and blew up the chemistry lab and we were forced to move again, we still tried to have a normal teenage experience.

But Jessamine wanted Everett's soul.

The cave witch had promised to save Everett's life, and she did, but she tied both of our souls together. Since we were twins, it seemed like a no-brainer deal. We'd been together since the womb. She placed our souls into the rings and sealed them with a prophecy.

One year ago our parents died. The demons killed them. Jessamine thought she could bargain with their lives. She was wrong.

We spent the next year apart, trying to throw off the scent of the souls. I'd moved in with my boyfriend, and Everett had taken up a nomadic life.

"What's this prophecy?" Charlie laughed with non-belief.

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