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"I have a hard time trusting people. I just don't want to jump unless someone's there to catch me," I texted.

I waited, the confession making my palms sweat. My phone did not slip from my hands, however. I watched the text box for a response. My heart craved for something like 'I'll catch you', or 'you can trust me', or even 'I'll jump with you, we can jump together'

As the seconds ticked by, each one felt like a minute. I began to think maybe I was getting a long response, but rather than get my hopes up, I decided I'd settle for a 'you're awesome', or a 'everything will be fine'.

Still, I waited. By now a 'K' would be nice, or a thumbs up, but it was bordering on long enough for a response like 'my mom called, sorry', or maybe 'I had to help a poor old lady cross the road'.

What if there was an emergency? What if ... no, stop it. Don't get hysterical. Every time this happens, I learn that if I was only patient, I'd learn what was keeping him. Here I was bearing my soul...

"Stop with the melodramatics."


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel


I've learned that there's basically two kinds of melodrama -- the kind designed to deliberately attract attention to oneself, and the kind designed to highlight and enhance the emotional impact of a situation or relationship.

Sadly, few people recognize or understand the difference.

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Ooh yikes. That's very relatable. And I found myself waiting, along with the main character for a kind and relatable response. That last line was a hell of a crusher. But still somehow relatable. Very engaging!

  • #3254 Posted 5 years ago
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I agree with Jim. Ouch indeed.

Truly told moment that I'm sure we can all relate to.

  • #3256 Posted 5 years ago
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