The Perfect Moment

ElshaHawk LoA

Ficlets and Ficly survivor, FicMom, and Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision and Goddess of Unrequited Love. @ElshaHawk @HawkandYoung

I closed my eyes, holding the image of his face in my mind. Breathing in deeply, I absorbed all the bittersweetness of the moment. Overwhelmed, tears began to leak out down my cheeks.

"Are you..crying?" I sensed him move closer to me to see my face.

My soul longed for him, yearned deeply, and I released my tears; my face slipping from its forced composure. I held onto the image inside my eyelids, in my memory, of him with that caring smile that met his eyes, but was soft with love, not joyful.

"Why?!" His voice was velvetly perplexed, worried.

"This moment was so perfect," I swallowed, "But as soon as I open my eyes it will be gone."

I heard his breath flow in and out.

Without missing a beat, he countered me, "if you don't open your eyes, you'll miss the next one."

I opened them, tears falling again. His face was before me, perfect in its imperfections. I wanted to kiss it.

"How can the next one be any better?" I pleaded with my eyes, with my entire spirit, for him to understand. "It CAN'T."


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