More Than She Could Take

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The three of them had been chatting over drinks at a table in a hotel lounge bar. Everett kept sharing what his girl was messaging him as it happened. Then she facetimed him. Sasha excused herself and headed towards the ladies room. Natalie watched her, catching the wipe of her eyes as she exited. She smacked Everett's arm.

"Okay, okay, I've got to go. Bye, love! Miss you!" He made kissy faces back at her. He hung up. "What?"

"You are so clueless!"

"I'm sorry if I was rude." Everett looked ashamed.

"She was crying, damn you!" Natalie scowled at him and went after their mutual friend.


The ladies room was empty, but for Sasha. Soft sniffles came from the closed stall door.

"You alright?"

Sasha swallowed the lump in her throat. "Yeah, I'm fine. I just couldn't take any more, you know?"

"Yeah. He's oblivious."

"I know." Sasha exited, then splashed water on her face at the sink.


"You've got to give this up." Natalie counseled.

Sasha looked into her own eyes. "I know."


They hugged as Sasha cried again.


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