Lunch Break

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Abandoning my sandwich yet again, I dialed 911. "Sir? Are you okay?" I emerged from behind the counter as the operator picked up. "911, what's your emergency?"

"I need an ambulance at Rotten Tomato's souvenir shop on Presley."

"What is the nature of the injury?"

"A man was just beat up in my store. He's holding his nose and moaning. Blood is leaking everywhere. Oh, man, Brad is going to be so mad."

"Alright, stay with him, the ambulance is on its way."

Police arrived first. They pulled me away from the man for questioning. I described what I saw. The details were fuzzy as my appetite came back, now that the blood was behind me.

"Can I finish my lunch?" I asked. The confused police officer nodded. I race to my sandwich and bit into it and moaned like it was heaven. "Sally sure knows her meats." I probably should have swallowed before speaking.

I barely remember the ambulance coming and taking care of the man. The sweet and succulent sauce consoled me.

Brad came barreling in. "What's..?"

"Lunch break."


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I'm so sorry, somehow two years ago I missed that there was a continuation!

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I've written a sequel but it's stuck in technical/database hell!

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The larger man seemed to immediately forget about me, going back to waving the knife at the smaller …

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