A Gulf of Ruby Sunshine

ElshaHawk LoA

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My best friend works on a tugboat out in the gulf pushing barges loaded with tens of thousands of tons of raw materials.

I was having a rough day eight hundred miles away on dry land seven hundred feet above sea level.

Work was tiring, my children were constantly bickering and wearing on my nerves, and I felt like a terrible wife to my husband since I was in a crappy mood. I'd spilled my dinner on my keyboard, some sauce, retribution for poor choices. I wanted a hot bath but my teenage son had just started the water for his own shower, stealing that option. I yelled at the younger one who forgot his homework again and thought he could play on his computer instead.

Then my best friend texted me a photo.

The sun was setting over the water filling the gulf and the sky with ruby red light. I wished I was there.

Then I cried.

I cried until I felt as beautiful inside my heart as the picture that my equally beautiful best friend sent me.

Never let the sun set on your anger. Tomorrow is a new day.


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