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Sheriff Briggs eyed the man leaning against the dark Chevy. The pocket of tobacco in his lip had started to sour. "Been round here long?"

"Nope, just passing through."


"Nah. Wouldn't know what to do with a deer if I caught it. Hate to waste something so graceful."

"Sure, I get you. Myself, I do a little hunting on the weekends. Keeps me out of the wife's hair, if you know what I mean. Never catch much but it's not about the catching, right? It's about the doing." Sheriff Briggs walked around the bed of the truck and knocked on the hard plastic covering. "Nice little camper you got there."

The man frowned. "Suits me. Holds my stuff. Keeps me out of the wind and the rain and the cold."

"Got anything special in there right now?"

"Nah, it's empty. Just cleaned it out in fact."

"Yeah, road trips do me that way too. Gotta start clean before you can get dirty. Hey, I hate to ask this but have you seen two girls running on about fourteen? They were last seen getting into a truck like this one."


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Last-line's a real kicker. Beautifully delivered.

Presumed innocent...

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Nicely done, with both parties speaking in codes. Way to hold that last line for the big reveal!

  • #3191 Posted 23 days ago
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  • 5 out of 5

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