The hunt


apparently I need to fill out this field.

My steps make little noise as I move gingerly between the bushes. As I survey my surroundings, my thoughts wander.

In the village, hunters are respected. We risk our lives to provide food in this hostile land, where killing animals is our only option. Our job is the most important and dangerous of them all. It stands to reason we should be appreciated.

But of course, being respected is an exclusive privilege of the homo sapiens sapiens.

The likes of me, with our tusks and proper amount of body hair, will always be outsiders among the smooth-skinned. With few exceptions, I am at best tolerated here.

Suddenly an arrow sprouts from a tree next to me. I drop to the ground, creeping sideways, searching for my assailant. Branches break and leaves rustle as he approaches.

„Finally got you alone, monster!” – his voice carries a smug satisfaction.

He’s slow to react, and too reckless in his movements.

Moments later, I sigh as I clean my weapons. I’ll have to go on a journey again, to find another place to call home.


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Writing in the present tense is a bit weird. Not sure why I chose it, it just felt right. But I probably used the wrong tense somewhere. (English is my second language, and lessons were a long time ago...)

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Interesting take! I find it hard to write in present tense as well (but strangely enough, I shift to it when I get caught up in my own writing). I didn't notice anything out of place so for both present tense and ESL, you're good.

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Story prompt:

Monster hunting takes it's toll on on the hunters in the form of strained relationships, bodily injury (up to and including death), the doubts that they are doing any good at all. Show the price that a hunter is paying.

The Price of Hunting Monsters by Robert Quick

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