Shh, Part 17

Robert Quick

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Lenn paused at the bedroom door. “I rescued a cat on the way here, a scrawny black and white thing. Kinda scared the shit out of me in a dark alleyway, but at least he didn't have it in for me before I showed up.” Lenn craned his, looking around before adding, “He's in here somewhere.”

Sighing, Liv rubbed the side of her face. “What happened between you and Ruger.”

He hesitated before replying. “He pulled a knife on me.”

“What! He wouldn't--”

Lenn tried to keep the resentment out of his voice.“Sorry, sorry. What I meant was that he had a knife when he was refusing to let me in. Anneke had to guide me safely past him, like I was going through a military checkpoint.”

“I'm sure he had a good reason to have a knife. Everybody's okay now though, right?” As she finished her question, both hands shot to her mouth and she coughed into them in gasping chokes.

“Everyone except you, it sounds like.” Lenn twisted the door knob. "Who's place is this anyway?"

"Not sure. Ruger chose it because the door was open."

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Inspired by (sequel to):

“You're shivering.” Liv said.

Lenn pulled away suddenly aware that his clothes, his side of the bed…

Shh, part 16

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