I Might Let You Read It One Day

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Thing is, this piece I'm writing, bares my entire soul. It involves you and me and all that we love and hold dear. It's told from my perspective, one that I think you need to hear.

But if I let you read it, I am crucifying myself. The sacrifice it entails for me to give that last shred of my soul over to scrutiny is purest agony and purest love.

The tears I weep even now at the merest thought of your eyes taking in a chapter of the whole piece are swiftly staunched by my resolve. It's not ready.

I'm not ready.

Will I ever be so bold?

I nearly did it almost a year ago. I nearly shared with you the unedited draft.

I'm very glad I didn't. It's so much bigger and better now. It's grown and matured into something far more beautiful and far more coveted by my heart.

I'm proud of it as a work, but not proud of it as an admission of who I am.

Perhaps when this time in my life is over, I will release my grip upon this tale.

Or nail myself up with the words within.


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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

Beautiful and powerful, Elsha. Writing anything is to expose a piece of our soul to be examined and scrutinized. It is, in its own way, perhaps one of the most intimate forms of communication there is. I hope someday you'll get your wish. But there's time. There's always time.

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