The Conundrum

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"I know this sounds weird, but I really do love my husband."

"You love your best friend," the bartender argued. "There's some serious chemistry."

"Do you have children?" I asked her.

"Yeah. Two girls."

"Congrats. Do you love them both?"

"Yes, but kids are different."

"While love for children is different than love between adults, how can it not be possible to love two men in the same way it is possible to love two children?"

"Because that is wrong."


"Because you can't give all of yourself to two people. There isn't enough of you."

"You understand the conundrum, the battle, I face. Yet my heart keeps saying it can. My brain agrees with you, so I don't try it. What would happen to my family? What would happen to traditional bonds of marriage?"

"So get a divorce."

"I don't want to hurt someone I love."

"Then ask for..."

"What? Permission to cheat? An open relationship? Like that would ever happen."

"This one's on me." She poured me a drink.


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I'd somehow missed this chain. I'm not totally sure whether or not they're all from the same viewpoints (it wasn't helped by me reading them from newest to oldest, either!), but I really like it. There'll always be plenty of drama in human relationships, and this setup is especially rich in tension. It feels honest, too - our protagonist doesn't indulge in any of the self-justification and -delusion that many others of our time do, which I approve of.

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  • 5 out of 5

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