Shh, part 16

Robert Quick

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“You're shivering.” Liv said.

Lenn pulled away suddenly aware that his clothes, his side of the bed, were sopping wet. Sliding off the bed and to his feet, he said, “Oh shit, I forgot. The rain was unrelenting and it was so good to see you that I--never mind. Where are the towels?”

She pointed at the door as another series of coughs ripped through her.

“I'll find them. Maybe whoever lives here has something dry in my size.” Lenn leaned down to kiss her forehead and found it to be burning up.

“Liv, you're on fire. Have you taken any medicine?”

She delivered a half smile. “Things have been a little hectic. My apartment's under four feet of water, the power's out, and Ruger and Anneke showed up on my doorstep yesterday. There hasn't been a whole lot of time to go to the store.”

"Why didn't you tell me your brother had shown up?"

"Because I wanted to see you and you might not have come if you knew he was here."

“Yeah, maybe. I'll look around for some medicine. Can you keep an eye on the cat?”

“What cat?”

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Silly Len.

You gotta lose track of the cat if we want more jump scares!

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Did he bring medicine, too? I hope so.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Lenn poured soup into the thermos lid that doubled as a cup. “I guess we'll start with broth first. …

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