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"Is it correct that those present are only: Lieutenant Georgia Whitmore and Chief Petty Officer Boris Nenashev?"

I tapped "yes" on the onscreen prompt.

A synthetic voice began reading along as further text appeared.

"Voice interface authorized. Lt. Whitmore, list in your own words, using short phrases, why you think this system is being activated."

"It looks like alien ships just arrived in the outer solar system."

"List the names and functions of the first three Artificial Intelligences you can think of."

I blinked and looked at Boris. He shrugged.

"Um. 'Little Dove,' scientific research. 'Smiling Mountain,' economic management. And…" The only other one I could think of was mildly embarrassing. "'Princess Zodiac,' entertainment?"

"Summarize, in short phrases, how the Pacific-Atlantic League won the Third World War."

"What? Uh…" Military history was not my best subject at the academy. "They won space superiority, and pressed that advantage?"

"Answers accepted. You will now receive instructions."

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Princess Zodiac? Mrowr! i like the names for the A.I. they have a kind of Asian (Chinese?) flair to them. I hope the process takes into account that Whitmore answered the question with a question. Wait Georgia? Huh. I didn't know the main character was female. Interesting.

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