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Inside the safe was a rack of thin metallic briefcases, bearing coded nameplates.

Badger, Dragon, Efreet… Raven.

I tugged on the case, but it wouldn't come free. Then I noticed the warning placard inside the door of the safe.

"NOTICE: Secure Files will not release without confirmation of restraint system activation."

On a hook below it was what looked like half a set of over-engineered handcuffs, trailing a bizarre-looking key at the end of a chain.

"This is ridiculous," I muttered, and latched the security bangle to my left wrist before plugging the key into the matching slot on the case labeled "ELECTRIC RAVEN."

"Ow!" Something in the cuff had jabbed me momentarily with a needle.

Glaring at it, I could see a tiny e-paper display showing "Analyzing..." before flashing to "Identity confirmed." The case came free with a click.


This was beyond paranoid. No security procedure I'd ever been trained in went this far.

Sealing up the safe and the vault, I hurried back to my desk to open the case.

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I'm taking a break from this series here for a li'l bit so I don't flood the new story queue :x

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

If you want or need to take a break, of course feel free. However I think a little flooding would be good for the site. Stories come in spurts between dry spells but I think the few regulars are always looking forward to more activity. Sure there might be an upper limit but I don't think you've reached it.

Critique: I like that the files have normal animals interspersed with fantastic beasts/monsters. I like all the different security measures at play. That being said though, the tone seems to indicate that some of these measures are archaic by the days standards. If that's true how would he be on file? I'm not saying it's a mystery that breaks the series or anything but the thought occurred to me. Fun stuff and I'm excited to see where this goes.

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