Shh, part 10

Robert Quick

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“My names Lennart Larsson. I'm looking for the occupant of 163 C.”

“Goddamnit, Lenny.” A disgusted voice said.

Lenn's gut twisted. The voice belonged to Liv's brother, Ruger. What was he doing here? He didn't even live in Japan. Still, he rallied gamely, “I brought soup for Liv.”

“Livy's doing fine--” A hacking cough that seemed to go on and on interrupted Ruger.

Lenn ran up the stairs. Ruger stood in front of a door, a cleaver in hand. Taller than Lenn, his form blocked out most of the doorway. Warm light glowed softly behind him.

“Look at you,” Ruger said, “Soaked to the bone. Guess you really wanted to get laid tonight.”

The cat meowed.

“What was that?” Ruger asked.

“What's it sound like? A cat, maybe?” Lenn replied.

“You can't bring that inside. Anneke's allergic.” Anneke was Ruger's wife. Lenn felt some relief at learning that she was here too. At least she didn't hate him. Although that might change if he brought the cat in but he hadn't saved it from the alley just to leave it outside to die.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Oh, new characters and a new set of problems!

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