Brilliant Stardust

ElshaHawk LoA

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Lurking in the corner of Michelle's basement, the partygoers gathered in groups all around me. My eyes followed him as he mingled.

"I love that dress!" he said to Sara.

"Hey, the pass you made was awesome, bro!" he called to the quarterback.

He chugged a cup of punch obviously spiked to a chorus of hoots and cheers.

Then he grabbed up Michelle for a dance in the space cleared in front of the speakers.

He was happy.

"Hey, how are you doing?" Sara asked, eyes following my gaze to the one I adored. "Did he speak to you?"

"He said, 'Awesome job on the project. I knew we'd get an A'." Then I sat my cup down and walked outside, tears stinging my nose and spilling from my eyes.

Sara followed. "You need to tell him you love him before it's too late."

I looked up at the sparkling stars, brilliant specs of godlike stardust. I dried my tears and took a deep breath. "He loves her and he's happy."

Sara hugged me and the tears returned.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Even when love is unconditional or understanding, I've always had a part of my heart that says, "Why not me?"

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Poor girl. There's plenty more where that came from, though.

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It's very meaningful, thank you. <3

  • #3063 Posted 6 years ago
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