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A little bit of bleakness had settled into her heart and she was fighting herself to shake it off.

Normally, she was a hopeful person. She did most things with a smile. Today, however, a truth had crept into her heart that she had fought for months to keep out.

This truth was a secret and secrets have a way of sneaking in where they don't belong. In this case, the secret truth slunk down from her brain and wrapped itself among an image created by words her eyes read. Her heart tried desperately to keep it out, but there was no stopping it. Staining like ink, the black of despair, parts of her heart turned dark as night and cold with wounded pride.

The part of the secret that held the truth was now dissolved into black ink, leaving only the truth behind. It proudly reached a hand out to the heart to lift it from despair as she sought control again over her emotions. There was reprieve in the truth and rescue.

Part of her didn't want to be rescued. The black bleak wanted to plot revenge.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Very nice. I like the observations about secrets, and the burning need to do something with the information. Even though it is vague, I'm on board with a revenge motivator. I thought that the narrator might be depressed because depression can sort of multiply negative emotions and the stubbornness of not wanting to be rescued sounded pretty familiar but it needn't be depression, it just could be.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

It is definitely a form of depression.

The questions that remain are: will she plot revenge? Will she gain revenge on the truth or the secret?

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