Shh, part 5

Robert Quick

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He thumbed the keys upward so that they sprouted beyond his knuckles like metal spikes. Should he retread his steps back into the driving rain and try a different cross street or move through the alley that might house something in it? Straining his senses, he didn't didn't detect anything moving now. The alley wasn't quiet but the noise of the storm was muffled. What could be hiding in here with him? His first thought was the dog-thing he'd seen earlier. His mind refused to identify it as just a dog. Something about it's movement or maybe it was the way it didn't make any noise as it was carried away, refused to align with his mind's definition of a dog. Perhaps the cans and bottles had been knocked down by a homeless person.

Making his decision, he edged along an alley wall in an almost noiseless step and slide.

A squat flat dumpster grew more defined as he approached it. Once he was next to it, a cat meowed into his face. Lenn stumbled back swearing as the cat ran to the far edge of the dumpster lid.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Meow. I thought he was going to fight a homeless person desperate to live, but you mentioned them as almost an afterthought.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Even though I am comfortable in the format, sometimes I end up with uneven ficlys because I want to focus on something.

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