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Around her, the air glowed with imaginary light.

A scintillating galaxy of text, artwork, and signage drifted just above every surface, ethereal and invisible without compatible hardware.

It ran up walls and windows, across sidewalks and streets. The graffiti of the half century of the city's public digital life: directions for a friend, the finger-painting of a bored artist waiting on a corner, the wandering ant-trails of children running free. Scattered official signage was surrounded by a faded halo of the scrawls it had displaced.

Liz wasn't sure many others had bothered to look at it this way, filters tuned to almost nothing, with no time or distance horizons. She'd called up the light show on a whim, after taking a seat on a park bench, not risking a walk through the virtual haze drifting across her visual cortex.

Now, stargazing on the comet trails of others' lives, she considered the path of her own. Where would Comet Liz go after the unstable orbit around Asteroid Emily?

How had she gotten here?

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Emily was the one with the definitive plans. Liz doesn't seem brave enough to tell her she doesn't like some of them, nor decisive enough to make up her own mind. She is kinda like me! I also like that she stops at a park to think. Introverts find their centers inside themselves. She'll figure it out. Then she'll know where to go next.

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Another one of the many times, I wish I could see a longer, meatier, version of a Ficl(et, ly, latte). I know that's not the point here but added detail and a moment to breathe could really drive the details home. Also while I really like Asteroid Emily (probably because it reminds me of Magneto's Asteroid M), I'm less of a fan of Comet Liz for whatever reason. /shrug I can't define it, so maybe it's nothing.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

Bundled up against the autumn chill, Liz wandered the city streets, alone with her thoughts.


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