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"This is my garden, now," explained Sarah, gesturing expansively at the tiny fenced area. "Mommy said so," she continued, pointing back towards the ivy-covered house set back across the pasture, in a stand of trees.

Gus, her equally-young companion, shrugged, hands still in the pockets of his overalls. "It's not very big. My yard is bigger." He kicked idly at one of the fresh wooden fenceposts with a mud-crusted boot.

"Well, your yard, is just a yard," Sarah flopped down to sit on the grass, her frilled black dress ballooning before she batted it down with annoyance.

"So?" Gus squinted at her.

"So, my garden goes deep into the ground. And way up into the sky!" She threw her arms skyward, emphatically. "If it were night time, and we could see the stars, all the stars above here would be mine, too. I am queen of this rectangle. And mommy is a wizard so if she says it, it's true."

"You're weird." Gus looked up at the sky. "Also, stars move."

"Ugh!" Sarah rolled her eyes. "You're no fun, Gus."


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Inspired by

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Gus totally doesn't get it. But neither does Sarah in the long black dress. I'm wondering how wizard-like Mom really is...

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Oh dear, now I might have to write more of this. :p

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I like this a lot whether it's fantasy or not. The only thing that sticks out to me, and it's not a big thing, is the word rectangle. From the admittedly little time I spent with kids rectangle was a 1st grade kind of word while the rest of the dialogue seems slightly lower. /shrug. I could be wrong or the kid could be precocious.

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