These Long Nights: Applied Authority

Robert Quick

Where the -@!# did my muse go?

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“I'll have the files brought here. You can sleep in the ah guest room at the of the hall. I hope that you'll excuse me, we rise early here, and being up late is quite taxing for a man in my condition.” Doctor Francis smiled coldly before adding, “I don't drink it but I have coffee. If you'd like, I can have it brought here. And some Kentucky Bourbon? I suspect you are in for a long night but then again I'm inclined to believe all your nights are long.”

Was the offer of whiskey an insult or criticism? It certainly wasn't coincidence. Nothing that had happened tonight felt like an accident. Did that mean someone been watching him since he had arrived? Max's face grew hard as he directed his anger inward. “Some coffee would be agreeable."

Doctor Francis rang a silver bell and before the second ring, the door opened and Moira leaned in. “Yes, Doctor?”

“Please be a dear and fetch both our personnel and patient files. Oh and a pot of coffee for Herr Eisenhardt. I'm adjourning for the night.”

"Very good, sir."


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

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