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The mirror didn't hold anything back. Even when it was steamed over, my bulbous shadow watched in silent judgment.

I tried to avoid his eyes but I took up enough of the mirror that I couldn't hide my pear shaped vulnerability. The admittedly minor amount of cardio obviously wasn't enough but I wasn't able to do more. At this point my body fought itself when I put too much stress on it. The bags of fat that had enveloped muscles and ligaments were like counterweights, so that every step I took carried with it a swinging pendulum of overreaction which pulled hard enough to bruise the very muscles I was trying to improve. If I hurt myself too much I wouldn't be able to work out at all.

There was no sign of definition in my arms or chest. Sure I was stronger but so what? I didn't look it. I could bench two hundred and twenty pounds but all of a sudden it didn't seem worth it any more. I'd been working out five days a week since June and here it was August and there was no visible improvements. Was it worth it?


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA


Exercise and diet go hand and hand, though. Make sure you're eating right and drinking water. And as you burn off the fat, moving will get easier. Plus, you can't only do strength, you have to mix it with cardio. And you should talk to a doctor or nutritionist.

That's my 2 cents. It's worth less than that, though. I'm not faithful to my workouts.

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