A Hint of Blue


This too shall pass.

"The limes? I thought we were going to try this batch with oranges."

"Oh... right. Sorry."

"Focus, Mitt! We can't afford to make mistakes."

He couldn't help but flick a glance up at her, just as she did the same. A silent exchange, completely deniable to anyone and everyone.

Well, isn't that always the case with us?

Then the moment was over and they hastily looked back down at their writings.

"Right you are. Oranges are in the basket on your right. Test one for ripeness?"

Katy lifted one of the spherical fruits with a tendril of her magic, then with a crushing motion of her hand withered it to dust and ashes. A slight glow suffused her features.

"It's perfect. Arrived on a cart today, barely three days off the tree."

"Anders is the best seller in the market, I told you before. I'm nearly there with the abstract. Can you zest and juice those? I'll finish up here and then we can start the reduction."

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Nice show of power. Plus, you added to their relationship with a glance. :)

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

I imagine that their eyes met with electricity.

I thought Anders sounded familiar and went to see if it was an old Captain that had settled down after a conflict. But after going through some of your old work, I couldn't find anything. So I suppose I was wrong but it was an interesting trip down an old and familiar road.

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RQ: No, the universes aren't interlinked. Although possibly Karl from the Unterbrückemarkt would have been where that might have happened.


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Inspired by (sequel to):

"Hey, Mitt."

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